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Addiction To War records - crust grind label  from France http://addictiontowarrecords.blogspot.com
Agipunk records - crust metal label and distro from Italy http://www.agipunk.com
Alcoholic Desaster records - crust hc/punk label and disto from Greece http://alcoholicdesaster.espiv.net
Angry Voice records - hc crust label and distro from Germany http://www.angry-voice.de
At war with false noise - grind crust hc/punk distro and label from England
Bad Hair Life records - hc/crust/punk label from USA (Texas) http://badhairliferecords.blogspot.cz 
Balkongpønker vinilers records - punk distro and label from Switzerland (Biel)
Black Speed Records - crust metal punk label from Canada 
Blindead productions - raw punk d-beat crust distro from Sweden http://blindeadproductions.com
Bombs Away records - hc/crust label from Norway http://bombsawayrecords.blogspot.com
Boum Coeur Records - hc/punk label from France http://boumcoeurrecords.monsite-orange.fr
Capitalicide records - raw punk label from Canada http://capitalicide.blogspot.com 
Crust Almighty records - crust grind distro from Sydney - Australia http://crustalmighty.weebly.com 
Crustatombe records - crust label and distro from France http://crustatombe.free.fr
Desorden records - raw crust d-beat punk distro from Spain http://discosdesorden.bigcartel.com
Destroy sounds records - hc/punk crust punk label and disto from Russia http://destroysounds.blogspot.ru  
Deviance records - crust label and distro from France http://steph.deviance.free.fr
Discos Enfermos - raw punk hc / crust distro and label from Spain (Barcelona) http://www.discosenfermos.com
Distort Reality - raw d-beat crust punk label from Usa (Portland)  http://distortreality.storenvy.com
D-Takt a Raw Punk records - only d-beat crust and raw punk label from Sweden http://dbeatrawpunk.blogspot.com
Fight war production - street punk / hc distro and label from France http://www.fightwarprod.net
Filthy Rat records - hc/crust punk metal label from Finland http://filthyratrecords.blogspot.com
Fucking Kill records - hc/crust grind label from Germany http://fucking-kill-records.blogspot.com
Give praise records - hc/ grind crust distro and label from USA http://www.givepraiserecords.com
Grita o Muere records - hc/crust label adn distro from Spain http://gritaomuere.es
Gusto Rana! Prodcution - hc/grind label and distro from Italy http://gustoranaproduction.webs.com
HardCore Attack records - hc/crust punk label from Slovakia http://hardcoreattack.eshop-zdarma.cz
Hasiok records - hc/punk crust label and distro from Germany  http://hasiokrecords.blogspot.de
Headnoise records - crust and d-beat punk label from Russia http://www.myspace.com/headnoiserussia
Chaos 666 records - crust, d-beat hc/punk, grind label and distro from San Sebastian - Spain http://chaos666.com
I Feel Good records - crust/hc/grind label from France http://www.ifeelgoodrecords.com
Imminent Destruction records - crust raw punk label from England http://imminentdestruction.bigcartel.com
Inverted Inhumation records - crust grind label and distro from Holland 
Ismit records - hc/crust punk label from czech republic http://ismit.blog.cz
Insane society records - hc/punk crust grindcore distro and label from Czech republic http://www.insanesociety.net
Kink records - punk rock and hc/punk distro and label from Germany http://www.kink-records.de
Kremón records - crust punk label and distro from Spain http://kremonrecords.blogspot.com.es
Lógica ciega records - crustcore d-beat raw punk label from Panama https://logicaciega.bandcamp.com
Loony tunes records - anarcho punk / hc distro a label from Uk 
Neanderthal stench records - crust stech core punk distro from Belgium http://neanderthalstench.tumblr.com
No Bread records - hc crust punk label from Russia http://nobreadlabel.blogspot.com
No Name records - crust / d-beat hc punk distro and label from Ukraine  
http://vk.com/nonamedistro  or http://nonamelabelua.blogspot.com
Not enough records - raw punk d-beat crust label and distro from Sweden http://notenough.se
Phobia records - d-beat crust / grind /hc punk label and distro from czech republic http://phobiarecords.net
PHR - punk 82 label and distro from czech republic http://phr.cz
Pike records - raw punk d-beat crust distro and label from sweden http://pikeempire.blogspot.se
Pope´s Ass records - hc/punk label and distro mapping czech republic vinyl scene http://www.popesass.cz
Rauha Turva records - hc crust grind label, almost only out tape from czech republic http://rauhaturva.blogspot.com   
Ravachol Productions - hc crust punk label from France http://futurenoir.free.fr
Rawmantic disasters records - d-beat crust noise punk label from Germany http://rawmanticdisasters.blogspot.com
Rodel records a distro - crust hc/punk grind label from Germany (Berlin)
Rinderherz records - crust hc/punk distro and label from Switzerland http://www.rinderherzrecords.ch.vu
Rip Roaring Shit Storm records - grindcore / crust distro and label from UK http://www.riproaringshitstormrecords.bigcartel.com
Scull Crasher records - crust hardcore label from Greece  http://scullcrasherdis.blogspot.gr
Six Weeks records - old hc/punk label from USA (California) http://sixweeksrecords.com
Sorry State records - hc/punk crust label and distro from USA (North Carolina) www.sorrystaterecords.com
SPHC label a distro - crust / grind / hc punk from Usa http://sphc.bigcartel.com
Sumoggu records - hc grind and crust label and distro from Croatia http://sumoggurecords.blogspot.com
Symphony Of Destruction records - crust label from france http://www.symphonyofdestruction.org
Svoboda records - crust hc/punk a little grind label and distro from France 
Totalitarianism still continues - hc/punk distro and label from Slovakia http://label.punkgen.sk
Truemmer pogo records - crust punk distro and label from Germany http://prelle.bplaced.net
Txunpatxunpa records - raw d-beat crust punk noise label from Barcelona (Spain)
Vomit records a distro - raw punk d-beat noise and crust from Belarus http://vomittaping.blogspot.com
Up The Punx records - hc/punk label from Poland http://upthepunxrecords.blogspot.com
Waking The Dead records - hc crust punk / grind label and distro from Czech Republic http://wakingthedead.cz
Wahnfried records - hc crust punk label from Germany http://wahnfriedrecords.blogspot.com

Bands :
Final Slum War - raw detonators noise punk from Barcelona (Spain) 
Life Possession - d-beat crust punk from Czech Republic http://bandzone.cz/lipo
The Breed - hc/punk from Czech Republic http://bandzone.cz/thebreed
Sposa In Alto Mare - hc/grind punk from Italy http://www.sposainaltomare.com
Glom da! - raw d-beat crust band from sweden http://glomda.wordpress.com  
Cry Of Humans - noise massacre shit https://cryofhumans.blogspot.com

Blog / Web : 
Marast - D.I.Y hc/punk webblog about more things... http://marast3.tumblr.com

Web Zine : 
Agitate - raw d-beat crust punk D.I.Y. Fanzine from UK http://agitatezine.blogspot.com
Antipatia - fanzin web, info about concerts in Barcelona http://antipatiazine.wordpress.com
Periferia - web zine about hc/punk, crust, grind and more, from Czech Republic http://www.periferia.cz
Maximum Rocknroll - completely old fanzine from 70-80. Years! http://maximumrocknroll.com
Raw Zine - D.I.Y. Hc/punk web zine from Czech Republic http://rawezin.wgz.cz

Web :
Agyampokla - hc/punk crust info web from Hungary http://agyampokla.blog.hu
Antifa - Antifascist Action http://www.antifa.cz
CSAF - Czechoslovak Anarchist Federation http://csaf.cz
Play Fast Or Don´t Festival - GREAT festival in Czech Republic http://www.playfast.czechcore.cz
Portfolio - Benitos http://www.benitos.freepage.cz 
Vegetarian - Vegetarian food http://www.vegetarian.cz
Vegan - Vegan food and lifestyle http://vegan.web-stranky.cz 
Veganodaktyl - Vegan recipes in all ways http://veganodaktyl.veganka.cz