Open air festival -- Czech Republic

Three days -- August 2024 :

Thursday 22.8.
Friday 23.8.
Saturday 24.8. 

Venue : Přestavlky (Close to the Pardubice city) 

The list of bands is complete, there will play 40 bands.


Seznam kapel je kompletní, bude hrát 40 kapel.

More info at the website, here :

!! The festival has not sponsors! // Festival nemá žádné sponzory!!

                                             The POSTER - ENGLISH VERSION

                                                The POSTER - CZECH VERSION


                                                    PROMOTION !!
1) BASTARD ROYALTY - Crust core punk for the dirty punx from Stuttgart. (Germany)  

2) BAMBULKYNE DOBRODRUŽSTVÁ - Grind/rock'n'roll from Prague. (Czech Republic)

3) BFD - Solid hc/punk with objective lyrics formed 2003. Horní Bečva. (Czech Republic)   

4) BI-LA KAIFA - Crust punk band from Šternberk, formed in 2011. (Czech Republic)  

5) CIMEX - Raw punk started from 1998 in the worst bars of northern Treviso. (Italy)          

6) CIVILIAN THROWER - Grindcore born in 2020 during a painful quarantine. (France) 
7) DEATH CRUSADE - Crust punk/death metal band found in Gdańsk. (Poland)  
8) DØDSDØMT - Crust punk with relentless raw music from the city of Horten. (Norway)  
9) DRÖMSPELL - A ruthless whirlwind of d-beat/crust-hardcore punk from Rome. (Italy)  
10) EVÖLDEAD Black crust Italian trio born in Berlin in 2020. (Germany)  
11) GOD-DOES - Impulsive sludgecore/hardcore band formed in Turin in 2020. (Italy)  
12) GREIA - Is a 3 piece hardcore-grind band since 2019. (Slovenia)  
13) GROWLS - Old School grindcore was born in february 2014 in the city Nancy. (France)  
14) INDOCTRINATE - Hardcore punk grind infusion from Vienna. (Austria)  
15) INFECTIOUS PIT - Raw noise grind was formed in 2018 in Kiskunhalas. (Hungary)  

16) IRRITATION - Detonating crust punk band from the city of Sala. (Sweden)                     

17) JUGGLING JUGULARS - Melodical but powerful D.I.Y. Punk/hc from Tampere. (Finland)

18) MÄRNØ - Is the new neocrust blood that came together in late 2020. (Czech Republic) 

19) MESS OF MANKIND - Is a hc punk / crust band from Nuremberg. (Germany)               

20) MOLE - Play dark, chaotic hardcore, spiced up with blastbeats from Berlin. (Germany)   

21) NIERENSTEIN - Punk pogo hardcore from Dresden. (Germany)                                   

22) NIKI LAUDA FIREFIGHTERS - Old school hc/punk founded in 2020 - Berlin. (Germany)

23) OCASO - Very strong dark hardcore from Dresden. (Germany)                                       

24) OLD ROTTEN BASTARDS - Is a political crossover hardcore band from Nancy. (France)
25) ONE DAY IN FUKUSHIMA - The band resumes old school Grindcore sound. (Italy)
26) PROFIT AND MURDER - Horribly raging hc/crust punk from Bremen. (Germany)  
27) RABIES - Fastcore noise punk powerviolence = mix of punk styles! (Czech Republic)  

28) SCAVENGERS CIRCLE - Stench core crust from the city of Västerås. (Sweden)       

29) SKULLD - Death crust metal rot, the band was born in Romagna in 2019. (Italy)         
30) SUROWICA - Hc/crust band, their music is very fast from Wołów. (Poland)                  
31) THRILLER - A four-piece band from Leipzig that plays fast powerviolence. (Germany)  
32) TOHTORI KOIRA - Very good, singing Finnish punk from Tammela. (Finland)           

33) TRADING HANDS - Erratic, heavy powerviolence formed in 2021. (UK)                     

34) UR-IN-STINKT - Was found from the ashes of the crustpunk bands in 2019. (Germany)  

35) USURA - D-beat raw punk, which is finally going to the interior of Europe. (Spain) 

36) VERRAT - Stands for modern crust metal, founded in Vienna in 2018. (Austria)   
37) VISIONS OF WAR - Ultra raw crust punk bestial madness from everywhere. (Belgium)  
38) VIVERE MERDA - Raw punk band from the city of Udine, founded in 2006. (Italy) 
39) XDZVØNX - Is dark brutal electronic duo rised in Wroclaw in 2018. (Poland)         
40) ZDAVUVEN - They play punk rock with an Oi flavor from Vsetín. (Czech Republic)