The posters - shows

                                                                     18. April 2016   

After all we´re doing three shows together Aback distribution and D.I.Y. PUNK KOLEKTIV see the posters DOKUGA (Portugal), ZEX (Canada), NUCLEAR CULT (Germany/Berlín). DOKUGA and NUCLEAR CULT have here only one show. I look forward to meet with the bands again. I know this info should be written in czech language...

Another upcoming show is in summer MORE NOISE FOR LIFE vol. 11 Fest (D.I.Y. hc/punk fest), just now all bands are confirmed, there´ll be 16 bands during two days, line up is closed. The bands list and more info is in section festival. Still have to make a flyer on the bands.

In order for a great summer underground festivals is PALLASIT FEST - 2016 in Zruč Nad Sázavou, there we will be with Vegano Punx kitchen cooking vegan food including distribution stuff. So you better come to the fest.

With Distribution i want to visit these events, in late April sale and trade vinyls UNDERGROUND EUROPE in Berlin and mainly fest to Croatia NO SANCTUARY, which is run by a friendly guy - Goldi (Neanderthal stench records), support his fest with great bands.

For distro stuff, I give all pieces together with a greater lack of time.

                                                                       The posters :