M.N.F.L. - photos / TOUR / ZORO FEST

                                                               20. September 2016

I got some crazy pictures of the More Noise for Life Vol. 11 fest, Here are on the link, only for one day - Saturday. I´m going to the tour with my friends from France BAKOUNINE, they will have in October the tour in countries like France, Spain and Portugal. I will bring some stuff of my distro, if you have interest about some distro stuff or release, let me know at email. 12" LP - BAKOUNINE / DISPOSE is out, my copies I will get next month. Also DISKOBRA will be on the tour - this month. They plans next release split 12"LP with BAKOUNINE, also I will do this coorelease with my label. 
This week starting really great D.I.Y. Ug festival - ZORO FEST in Leipzig, i look forward to festival and tour. See you inside europe. 

Back in stock 12" LP -  EXTREME NOISE TERROR - Phonophobia, no comment don´t need, best of crust fucking brutal release!

Czech :
Obdržel jsem vcelku šílené fotky ze sobotního More Noise Festu vol. 11. Klikni ZDE na odkaz. Koncem Října jsem na turné po Evropě s kámoši BAKOUNINE, jejich aktuální split LP je už venku, k dostání bude brzy. V distru přibyla opětovně jedna z nejlepší crust desek vůbec E.N.T. - Phonophobia. Mrkni do distra. agggr!!

                                                                Mosheros - M.N.F.L. :


                                                           TOUR BAKOUNINE - 2016:

                                                      DISKOBRA / RÁKOSI TOUR 2016

                                                            ZORO FESTIVAL - 2016

                                                         E.N.T. - Phonophobia 12" LP