Nick - R.I.P. // Report // Recordings

                                                                                     1. th of October 2017
Sad message, very friendly guy Nick a guitar player of SPEEDKÖBRA band died. Rest in peace mate!

At this link you can read report from their tour and partialy even from MORE NOISE FOR LIFE FESTIVAL, written by Mark - Bass player of the bands EMISSARIES OF SYN and SPAM JAVELIN. Link to report is here.

Absolutely excellent recording that scattered me into pieces, 7 sharpened, uncompromising songs with air fighter instead of guitar player in the spirit of Totalitär TOTAL ARSE from Basque - San Sebastian/Zarautz. Absolutely great recording of these days. The band should rename themselves to Brutalitär :-)  = uncompromising raw punk mangel! Their bandcamp mangel here. The tape is of course much more killing then listening from internet.

Then here are 7 "EP´s (reedition) recordings from 1984 - THE BRISTLLES and the 1986 VAN SAC demo tape - swedish raw hc/punk from 80s. And finally the SCHROTTBAR 2003 compilation - Schrottbar festival (Switzerland). It's absolutely charming to get it.

                                                                       Nick - R.I.P.

                                                              Festival report photos