M.A.M.Ü.T. // HERIDA on the tour!

                                                             Wednesday 28. February 2018

There are two D.I.Y. punk bands from Spain each on different tour and they are looking for some gigs at their way. Both bands have a CD out during the tour.

M.A.M.Ü.T. - Excellent hc/crust fastcore from Madrid : https://mamutcrust.bandcamp.com
HERIDA - Melodic crust from Segovia with known faces from band Entröpiah : https://heridacrust.bandcamp.com

M.A.M.Ü.T. Will be playing on thursday 29. March in Boss Bar - Poděbrady (CZ)

Keep in touch in D.I.Y. punk connection.

                                                              EUROPEAN TOUR 2018
                                                                 HERIDA TOUR 2018